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Congrats on joining the l33t crowd!  You won’t regret it.

I take your monetary commitment to being ELITE very seriously.

I consider this to be partial coaching — especially while the group is small.  I cannot promise to answer every email from here to the end of time or answer super long emails completely, but I will try to cater Alpha and l33t to what YOU want.  So, often, I will answer your questions with videos that I post to the whole group. Therefore, you can shape this product.

Make sure you put your email below!  I will add you to my customer list.  Please make it the same email you put into for your core Alpha membership!

If you don’t receive access info in about 1 business day, feel free to email me at david@alphadestruction.com.

I give extremely detailed client information in l33t and I want to make sure that one bad apple doesn’t spoil this for everyone.  There are 3 things you agree to by joining the l33t program:

  1. You will not disclose any of the information in l33t to anyone!  I don’t want my client information plastered on the internet and I don’t want you sharing it with your buddy to save him money.  This devalues l33t for everyone.
  2. You will not compete directly with the clients I show you.  This would only be a problem if you live in Dallas.  And, even then it probably won’t be an issue 99% of the time.  I show detailed client strategic plans and don’t want that used against my clients.
  3. You will, under no circumstances, contact any of the clients or prospects that I give you information about.  This includes, but is not limited to: calling, emailing, driving to, sending carrier pigeons, and more.  I doubt any efforts in this area would be fruitful anyway.

If you violate any of these, you will, among many unpleasant things, be publicly flogged and shamed.

Please fill out this quick form click the “I agree” button if you agree.

If you wish to not join or exit l33t because you do not wish to agree to these terms, that’s totally OK.  I will give you a refund if you have not already accessed the content.  Please send an email to david@alphadestruction.com with subject title “I Don’t agree to l33t terms!”  Make sure to include your paypal email.

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